How Technology Will Help You Reach Your Goals

How Technology Will Help You Reach Your Goals

Last Sunday, I ran the Paris-Versailles. The Paris-Versailles is a 16km race. You start from Paris, in front of the Eiffel Tower and you arrive at the Palace of Versailles. It is known to be quite difficult especially because of the altitude difference between kilometers 6 and 8.


Now, I am not a a very good runner. And I think I would not have managed to run through all this race without Spotify.


Spotify has a feature that helps you keep a constant pace when running. You set it to certain tempo, say 155 beats per minute, and the music will automatically adapt to match this tempo. Even the transitions between the tracks are smooth and respect the tempo.

Now imagine yourself, running along the Seine river, the music beats in sync with every step you take. You breathe with your mouth, inhale every fourth beat, exhale during the next three. More than twice every second, each time your foot touches the ground, the bass resonates into your ear, and your body generates dopamine to reward you for being in sync with the music.


Yes, that is how I ran the Paris-Versailles.

I believe technology should allow us to reach our goals. It should help us socialize, meet other people instead of imprison us into Facebook and text messages. It should motivate us to go out and exercise instead of make us stay home, playing FIFA or Candy Crush. It should take us out of our comfort zone and make us grow, instead of turning us into some lazy piece pancake.

I dream of a world where technology actually make us happier. Let’s make it happen.

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